Silabus SEJ2

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Information Age; Idioms with touch; Passive Voice I


Writing a review; Passive Voice II; Internet History: The first...


Collocations and phrasal verbs related to crime; -ing forms; An essay: supporting topic sentences


Modal verbs; Expressing possibility and making deductions; Word building: Crimes and criminals


Prevention is better than cure: words related to nutrition and health; Conditional Sentences: Type Zero, 1, 2 and 3; Translation exercise: how to start


Test 1


An informal email: Focusing on register and content; Clauses of result and purpose


Words related to hotels, hospitality industry and service sector; Causative form; Reaching a decision through negotiating


Words related to banking and finance; Using the Passive Voice to write in an impersonal, formal way


Nouns ending in –ity, -ence, -ance, -ness; Reported Speech I: Statements, Questions, Commands, Requests


Descriptive adjectives; Special introductory verbs; An article: Focusing on register and style; Translation exercise: how to build translation skills


Test 2


Idiomatic expressions and collocations related to money and shopping; Wishes and unreal past


Expressing wishes and regret about present/past events; Question tags; Places to shop


Final marks, correction, revision and feedback.


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