Sadržaj predmeta:

1. Mixed conditionals; Inversion in conditionals; Other phrases with IF; Alternatives to IF; noun suffixes, collocations with MAKE, GET and PUT; words easily confused; vocabulary related to fashion; charts and graphs interpretation

2. Infinitives and -ing form; words and collocations related to environment, collocations with HAVE and GIVE; multiple-meaning verbs; words used in figurative sense;

3. Reported Speech; Special introdutory verbs; three-part phrasal verbs, phrases used in research studies

4. Modal verbs; modals in the past; alternative phrases to modal verbs; prefixes; collocations with KEEP; words easily confused;

5. Emphatic forms; words related to archaeology and discovery; prepositional phrases

6. Unreal Past; Subjunctive

7. Causative form; verb and noun suffixes; vocabulary describing shapes, art and buildings, colloquial expressions;

8. Clauses of reason, purpose, result and concession.

9. Inversion.

10. Word order and verb patterns; Tenses; idioms; word pairs; colloquial expressions.

11. Key word transformations

12. Portmanteau words; prepositional phrases; collocations with MEET and SET.

13. Words easily confused; words related to money; phrases expressing cause-effect and comparison.

Student's book: PIONEER C1+ (with workbook and additional /interactive/materials)


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Teorijska predavanja, interaktivna nastava, dijaloška metoda, studentske prezentacije i drugi praktični zadaci.

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