Academic Writing (Syllabus)

I Course introduction: syllabus, goals (extensive reading, building vocabulary, summarizing, paraphrasing, citing, finding appropriate resources), assessments, final exam, basic terms.

II Elements of a scientific paper. Abstract- reading. Why do you need an abstract? Examples of abstracts: scientific paper, book review, article about human nature. Elements of abstract (key words, word count etc.).

III Formal writing. Rules and expressions. Punctuation. Citation

IV Topic and brainstorming. Writing a paragraph. Practice

V Abstract- writing. Formatting, language, style and grammar. Choosing the appropriate key words. Text: Core subjects and your career. Writing an abstract for a scientific paper and comparing it with the original abstract. The difference between summary and abstract.

VI Assessment I- Writing an abstract based on a scientific article about human nature.

VII Writing a scientific paper. Where to find the appropriate literature? How to choose the appropriate title? Websites and research methods (Univerzitetska biblioteka, Google scholar etc.). How to apply for a scientific conference?

VIII Topics about animals- students are given a homework assignment to find articles and literature. How to choose relevant pieces of information. Theoretical vs. research part of an article. Discussion.

IX Research and methodology. Qualitative and quantitative analysis. Examples from morphology, syntax etc.

X Paraphrasing and citing. Plagiarism. Citation styles and examples. Writing references. Examples (topics: food, nutrition, eating habits).

XI Assessment preparation and examples

XII Assessment II- Editing a scientific paper. Finding mistakes and correcting them.

XIII Examples of linguistic scientific papers. The difference between final thesis, master thesis and PhD thesis.

XIV Elements of a scientific paper in e- form

XV Overview and summary of all elements and units covered in the first semester, preparation for the final exam

Final exam: Writing an abstract based on a given scientific paper and correcting the paper.

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